The foundation

PREOS Global Office Real Estate & Technology AG is a digitalization company with focus on Property Technology.

As a value-increasing owner of office real estate in the financial centers of Europe and as a leading force in the development of Big Data real estate analysis, PREOS stands for real security here and now, especially in volatile times. They are the fundament upon which we can build today to exceed ourselves tomorrow.

The future

PREOS conquers the future of the office real estate market

The PREOS Principle

The PREOS Principle is a fact based quality check. By validating the following factors, the PREOS principle represents a reliable assesment about the quality of our decisions.

PropTech meets Big Data analysis

PREOS is the leading force in real estate digitalization, assessment and trend prognosis.

  1. Exhaustive digital acquisition of office real estate market data in Europe with exceptional access to office real estates below market price.
  2. Planned digitalization of the office real estate markets in London, Milan, Madrid, Paris and Vienna.
  3. Further investments in the most important financial centers of Europe.
  4. Exceptional proprietary research tool captures a detailed watchlist of the 9.500 biggest and most relevant office real estates in Germany.

The stock

How has the PREOS share performed so far?

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