The future belongs to technology. It is the crucial factor for future-proof decisions. PREOS is the leading driver of office real estate market digitalization. With Big Data analysis and PropTech, PREOS anticipates market movements early on, to the benefit of all its shareholders.

Conquering the market through Big Data

PREOS acquires great volumes of data on relevant office real estate through an extensive monitoring, that enables reliable estimates about asset market worth and future developments. The continuous expansion of the PREOS information network creates a significant advantage that ensures profitable investment decisions for the long-term.

Digitalized markets

  • Entirely digitalized office real estate market in Germany
  • 9,500 relevant objects covered
  • The objective: Digitalization of all central finance centers in Europe

Big Data and Research

With the help of our Tools, Big Data can be filtered and processes can be made more efficient.

  • The Tools of our system find the off-market deal based on data from our research department.
  • Our Tools identify the right buyer in sales processes.
  • Our Tools find the right tenant in rental processes.
  • Our Tools recognize patterns from existing data and, on this basis, offers the optimal solution for sales and rental processes.

Data Security

Data security is an essential topic for PREOS and is divided into three overarching data protection goals. These are ensured by both technical and organizational measures.

  • Information Security
    It is important to ensure that only persons who have been granted appropriate access rights may access the sensitive data.
  • Data Integrity
    The protection against misuse of data is guaranteed by mechanisms which ensure that, depending on access rights, the modification of the data records is not permitted or must be made transparent accordingly.
  • Data Availability
    The availability and integrity of the data is ensured by continuous monitoring, allowing conspicuous actions or unauthorized access to be quickly identified.

PropTech for rent - the upgrade for real estate companies

  • Today, awareness for the necessity of digital solutions are more strongly developed
  • Transition into virtuality is trending. Online tours via smartphone are state of the art
  • Online distribution is more widely accepted today
  • With the implementation of Property Technologies, real estate companies can conduct their business processes quicker and with better precision
  • Facility management for sustainability evaluation of real estates

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An innovative product that unites growth, security and flexibility in one currency – connected on a whole new level. The future can only be shaped by a strong community. This is what we stand for – today and tomorrow.

The PREOS Token was the world's first digital asset that grants its owner the essential rights and responsibilities of a stock. The digitalization offers token holders a more flexible and straightforward access to all kinds of material assets. The Tokification of the PREOS share occurrated in the fourth quarter of 2020.

The PREOS Token was a sui generis security in the form of a tokenised trust with the right to convert [or exchange] into shares of the PREOS.

The future-shaping combination of stock and digital asset offers various benefits for its owner.


  • The tokenized shares are held by a security trustee
  • Token owners are granted benefits of material asset storage on the blockchain with the option to exchange for a material share at any given time


  • The token can be exchanged for PREOS shares or sold at any time
  • The token owner can hold shares independently of his house bank and his securities account


  • The token gives the owner the essential voting rights and claim to dividends
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Membership in Crypto Valley

  • One of the worldwide leading blockchain networks
  • Promote growth, collaboration and integrity in the global blockchain economy
  • Access to long-term global economic benefits resulting from the innovation of blockchain and crypto technologies
  • Access to long-term global economic benefits resulting from the innovation of block-chain and cryogenic technologies.
  • MAMA is a thriving and growing community. Members enjoy a wide range of benefits as well as the opportunity to influence the development of
    on-chain asset management.
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